Binary Options: #1 Complete Guide

1 IQ Option 10$ 1$
2 5$ 0.5$
3 Olymptrade 10$ 1$
4 Binomo 10$ 1$

There are many ways to trade online nowadays with increased access to information technology. One such method that has gained a lot of popularity in India is trading binary options online.

What are Binary Options

What are Binary Options?

A binary option is simply an investment that you use to make a prediction which has to be a 'Yes' or 'No'. The idea is to predict if price of a chosen asset (it can be a currency pair like EUR/USD, stocks like 'Apple' or 'Alphabet', oil price contract or Bitcoin) goes up or down over the chosen period of time (i.e. 15 minutes or 1 hour). If trader is correct with prediction, he or she 'wins' – makes profit. If wrong, the money is lost. In other words, trading binary options is similar to financial betting.

The difference between binary trading method and other forms of investment is that it's not as heavily standardized. All you have to do is predict whether the price of a certain asset will rise or fall. It's very simple and doesn't require any grand knowledge to use. It's a favorite of most beginners in online trading because of its simple nature.

When you start trading binary options, you know right from the start the full amount you stand to earn if your prediction is correct. With this you know the amount of risk you're taking. The percentage of return is normally placed at between 70 to 95 %. For example, if you invest $200, then you can get a return of between $270 and $295 if your prediction is correct. But if you are wrong, you will lose your $200.

Remember! The outcome has no in-between; it's either right or wrong. This is why this type of investment is termed 'Binary Option'. The fact that you know from the start what you stand to get is a great attraction which has made it so popular among millions of users across the world. Despite it being banned in several countries (the reason: too much risk for retail investors), it still enjoys a huge following and there are great Forex, CFD and binary options brokers that have it on their types of assets. It's fairly easy to open an account with them and start placing your trade.

A good example of such companies is that is projected to reach an active client list of 175000 users in the year 2024. It had over 225 million registered users in the year 2019. This shows that online trading is very popular and instruments like binary options are preferred by many for their simplistic and straightforward nature. This is despite it having risk like any other instrument.

Binary Options: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High Rewards
  • Fast Returns
  • Easy to Trade
  • Wide Range of Traded Assets
  • Limited Risk


  • High Risk of losing money due to leverage. Different brokers state that 72-77% of their retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. With binary options trading it can be up to 80% or more. You should consider whether you understand how binary options work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Do Binary Options Really Work?

Do Binary Options Really Work

Yes, binary options do work. They are very simple to learn and use that even beginners can get started at any time. The only point to note is there is risk involved similar to any other investment and is higher even. With binary options, there is a risk of losing your money because of two main reasons.

  1. Low Time Frame Trading

You have to make time-bound conditional trades in binary options. This is when you predict at a certain time in the hopes that it's the correct one. When the time elapses then you have your answer. The problem here is that these time scales are normally too short.

There are different strategies that you can employ but as a beginner, they're still new to you. This is why you need to take ample time to learn how online trading in binary options works and test your skills slowly. The rewards and potential wins can be very luring but proceed with caution always. It takes time to perfect this. When you come up with a strategy, make sure it's a winning one to give you more profit than loss.

  1. Untrustworthy Companies

Online trading is still very prone to shady people who are out to take advantage of others and skim them off their money. Take your time as a beginner and learn about a company before you register an account and start placing trades. Remember you're using real money so caution is important. You can research reviews written about it and see who its regulators are if it has any.

The top companies in online trade are regulated by some of the biggest finance boards in the world like the IFC (International Finance Commission). The purpose of this regulation is to protect the interests of millions of users who actively trade online every day. A good company is fully licensed and provides all this information for you to do a background check.

The Best Platforms to Trade Binary Options in 2024

IQ Option

IQ Option

IQ option traces its roots in Europe and was founded in 2013. It has since grown to become a reputable online Forex trading platform with millions of users who are account holders. On this platform, you get access to 250 trading instruments and only need a minimum of $10 in your account to place a trade.

This is an award-winning company that has several trophies under its belt. It's won the "Best Technology Application" awarded by The Web Marketing Association. Also, the "Century International Quality Gold ERA Award" by Business Initiative Directions Group and the "Best Binary Options Broker Europe 2015" awarded by Global Banking and Finance Review.

By being awarded as one of the best companies in the industry, it's managed to create a reliable reputation among its customers. This is a huge advantage that has seen its customer base grow to over 46000000 investors from all across the world. IQ Options registered users currently number at 48,091,542 members from all corners of the world. This is an impressive achievement given that it's been operating for less than a decade. It boasts of a very high monthly investment volume of $380,000,000 with $20,375,097 withdraw monthly by investors. Daily transactions in the year 2024 are 1,338,793.

Such impressive numbers have managed to convince people that this is not only a reliable platform but one that they can trust with their money. This is even though online trading still carries a risk factor that no one should ignore. As a beginner on this platform, you can opt to open a demo account and use it for practice before you can start placing trades. It comes with $10000 in the form of virtual funds. More so to assist you further, there is a ton of helpful information on its main platform to educate and assist you to get the best from your investments.

With that comes a 24/7 customer support system with 79 agents always ready to answer any questions you might have as you place your trades. You can choose to place trades on Binary Options, Digital Options, Forex, CFD Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies. This diversity means you have options and stand a higher chance of earning a profit. There are several methods that you can use to deposit funds once you set up an account. The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete and activate the account. You can deposit using AdvCash, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, and WebMoney. These are the same methods you shall use to withdraw your profits.

The company has a reputation for faster payouts which another reason for its impressive following because you only need to wait 11 hours to get your money. This company has managed to get a foothold in 151 countries ranking among the top in the whole world. With good regulation and licensing, it continues to give its users a reliable and transparent platform. You can opt to download the app and access your account from smart mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means you don't need to be glued in front of a desktop all day checking on your placed trades. You can do this from anywhere at any time since the app is user-friendly, easy to use and has all the features of the main website.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

In 2014, Olymp Trade was set up as a platform where users could take part in online Forex Trading. Since then, it's managed to rise in popularity ranking among the best and most reliable companies in the world. It was founded by Inlustris Limited and offers a wide range of instruments that you can invest in daily.

This is a company with high consideration for beginners in the industry and offers educative materials to help you learn Forex trading. No one wants to invest and end up with losses. This company equips you with materials on strategies, webinars, and webinars forex for your benefit. You can access this platform in 20 different languages. This is a great consideration due to the fact that many people are not native English speakers.

Also, it's an award-winning company that has caught the attention of many and been rewarded for its efforts of creating a reputable and trustworthy platform. In 2018 it won the "Best Traders FB Community in Thailand" awarded by Traders Fair. Also in the same year, it managed to win the "Best Trading Platform 2018" awarded by The Forex Awards.

2024 has been an impressive year for this platform which last month managed to have payouts averaging at $13,681,062. It's experiencing a 7% increase in the number of monthly payouts this year. Traders are very happy with it because they can withdraw their profits at any time without any additional fees charges to them. You only need to meet the minimum deposit to get an account and no additional fees are charged to it. The company last month managed to have a total of 247,256 users active live on their accounts. The total turnover for the past month was the best yet for 2024 with a total of $171,236,104. This year the company is set to grow even bigger and gain more members in the process.

With it being regulated by reputable international bodies like the International Finance Commission (IFC), no wonder so many people trust it as a worthy platform to trade from. This is because it's being categorized as an honest company that demonstrates services of the highest quality.

Users are guaranteed an ever-present and reliable customer support system with agents who are on 24/7. You can access them in 8 different languages and using different modes of communication. It takes an agent only 15 seconds to respond. You can opt to chat with them live on the website or its social media pages. You can even send an email for a detailed question or comment.

As a beginner, take your time to familiarize yourself with the platform by creating a demo account. With it, you can use the virtual funds to the tune of $10000 to place trades. You're not allowed to withdraw the profits you win on this account, however. You need to open a standard or VIP account for that. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10 and placing trades start at $1.



Another company with a great reputation for its honest and reliable trading practices is Binomo. You can take advantage of its fair trading platform to place trades and improve your chances of earning a profit on your investment. The company strives to create a platform that meets the highest standards and stands out from all the rest by offering the best. The fact that it's regulated by the IFC (International Finance Commission) is one of the reasons it has managed to become such a popular site.

It has thousands of users who are active every day with recent numbers ranking at 951,458. Binomo has managed to set up its operation in 133 countries from all across the world which makes its membership very diverse. This is why you can access the website in 12 different languages. You get to place trades and understand what is written by choosing to translate the site in the language you prefer. In the first week of March 2024, it has managed to rack up trades of $29,675,110 in totality with 90% maximum earnings on a trade. These impressive numbers continue to put more faith in existing and potential users about the reliability of this platform.

You need to set up an account to start placing trades. The types of accounts available are Free, Standard, Gold, and VIP. Depending on the account you set up, you have a limited number of assets you can trade on. For example, the Free account gets you 18 assets and the Standard one only 39 assets. This means the more money you deposit, the higher the number of assets you can access. Trade starts at $1 only.

There is a demo account that is the best place to start as a beginner to learn and sharpen your trading skills before you start using real money. While other companies give you a higher amount in virtual funds, for this platform you only get $1000 to practice on. You can't withdraw the profits you get on a demo account. Take advantage of the video tutorials on the training section to learn more about the industry, how to trade and this company. There are no charges for this training material.

A 24/7 customer support ready to answer any questions or assist in any way possible on matters trading. You can opt to download the Binomo app onto your smartphone or tablet and start placing bets from anywhere at any time. This frees you up and you can be mobile as you place trades and check on their progress. On this platform, you can take part in different tournaments with lucrative prize funds. started its operations back in 1999 and has over the years become increasingly popular among traders. This is because it's fully licensed and regulated. It's gained a reputation for being an honest and reliable trading site that you can depend on to make good trades. This is despite the risks involved in online trading. You get access to different types of assets including Binary options, Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, and Lookbacks. This diversity increases your chances of earning a profit on your investment.

The platform has managed to win many awards for being the best. Recently in 2018, it won the 'Best Trading Platform in Asia' awarded by Global Brands Magazine and the 'Best Binary Company Asia Pacific' awarded to it at the Global Banking and Finance Awards. Such high honors only work to increase its popularity and the number of registered members.

2024 seems to be the best year for the platform with 175000 active users. In 2019 it had the number of transactions amount to $275,000,000 and it projects that number to rise this year to 377,000,000. This projection would mean the number of transactions held on this platform since 1999 sum up to $1.42 billion. This is a testament to the amount of trust users continue to have on this site. Bing regulated by the International Finance Commission means it has to offer only the best services to its users with utmost honesty and reliability. The company has projected its 2024 turnover will amount to $2billion making its total sum from 1999 to $9.2billion.

It has good staff in 4 different countries and cities namely Dubai, Paraguay, Malta, and Malaysia. The current total staff is 250. To start you off on this platform as a beginner, set up a virtual/demo account to train on placing trades on all the assets options you have access to. You get $10000 on this account to use as virtual funds and you can't withdraw profits you get from trading here.

For payouts, you need a standard account where you deposit real money with the minimum being $5. Trades start at $1. Opt to download the app on your mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone and access your existing account easily. You can trade from anywhere at any time with a good and reliable internet connection. The app has a friendly interface and all the features of the main website. You can even create a new account as a beginner on it.

Binary Trading vs. Forex


Binary trading and forex have differences that help you differentiate between them. This section explores both to help you better understand them in terms of trading online. Being new to the world of trading is very confusing with all the different terms you have to learn and differentiate. This is why a review like this one is important to guide you through them.

Trade is diverse but so far online the two favorites for most investors are binary options and trade. This is because they are fairly simple to learn and master even though they're still risky. With binary options, you get the chance to place predictions on fixed assets. The only outcomes you can get on this are a yes or no on your placed prediction. On the other hand, forex involves the movement of the top global currencies. Forex ranks at the top of the online trading market and is mostly known as Forex Exchange (FX).

  • Payout

When it comes to payout, you get to know exactly how much you stand to make if your prediction is correct. This means you can have an exact amount in your calculations. Also, you know how much you stand to lose if it's not the correct prediction. The same can't be said for Forex. You never know how much profit you'll make on the trade you want to place. It's important to note that you could lose the placed trade in Forex and even all the money that's in your trading account as well.

To help you not lose all your funds, the best move is to place a limit on the placed trade so that it doesn't surpass the set amount. With this in mind, you can see why most traders prefer binary options to Forex due to the lower risk factor involved. You know in binary how much you can earn or lose. The same can't be said for Forex.

  • Costs Incurred

Another difference between the two is the amount it costs you to trade in them. The reason most users prefer binary options is the low cost of trading it has. You only need to create an account and deposit funds into it. For most platforms, you can deposit as low as $10 and have a standard account. Trading in this account starts at $1. There are no additional charges even when it comes to withdrawing your profits.

For Forex, the same doesn't apply. When you look at one platform to the next, there are commissions and spreads involved. How much they are varies depending on the company involved. You have to pay a commission for every trade you place. The tricky part is the commissions are not a definite amount and are placed in combination with the spread. The spread is what you get when you subtract the amounts in the two pairs of currencies you're trading on.

  • Risk and Reward

The percentage of risk involved in binary options is significantly higher than that in Forex. The payout you get when you win is about 60-80% but when you lose, then the loss incurred is 100%. This means you get less the money you traded on when you win and lose it all when the outcome is not correct.

When it comes to Forex, you get to customize the reward you strand to get in contrast to the risk involved. You get to place an order on how much you can lose in case of a loss. For example, you can place a trade with a stop order of $50 meaning you can't lose more than that. Within the same line, you can order a margin for profit that boosts you to a profit of $150. The trade won't close until one placed order either incurs a loss of $50 or a profit of $150.

Binary Options vs. CFDs


As stated earlier, there are different instruments you can trade online giving you diversity in your investment. Binary options being one, the other is CFD (Contracts of Difference). Though these two are available in most trading platforms, you have to keep in mind their differences to not confuse them when choosing.

  • Time of purchase

When it comes to binary options trading, it all boils down to the two options you have. You either win or lose; you get the prediction right or wrong. This means even if the price of the assets your trading on changes, the amount of profit you're to earn remains the same.  

With CFDs on the other hand, you can create positions that are more complex by timing when you make your purchases. This means you're allowed to purchase different CFDs at varying times of trade.

  • Level of Risk Involved

You know exactly what you stand to gain or lose when it comes to trading in binary options. The amount is set from the very beginning so depending on how the asset performs then you either have made the right or wrong prediction at the end.

When it comes to CFDs, it's not that simple as you can't know the amount you stand to get in advance. This is brought on by the fact that CFDs rely heavily on negotiating the amount you get when you subtract the end of day price form the one you started with. This makes the risk factor for CFDs higher than that of binary options.

  • Additional Charges

Binary options just require you to have the initial investment amount in your trading account as you start placing trades. There are no additional commissions or fees that are charged on top of this.

The same doesn't apply to CFDs. You have to pay extra with each transaction you make in terms of commissions and fees. This is because CFDs are financed using loans that enable the trader to trade on many more assets a much lower price. You have to know in advance the extra amount that your platform charges before investing in CFDs.

How to Trade Binary Options: Step by Step Guide

Trading in binary options is very straightforward because you know the amount you stand to win or lose right from the start. You either make a correct or incorrect prediction. You can determine from the start the amount your comfortable losing. You should never trade with money you're not in a position to lose as this can hurt your finances immensely.

  1. Choose the Right Platform / Binary Options Broker

The most important step you can make when trading online is to choose the best platform. This means you have to take time and do your research. Learn what online trading reviews are saying about the best companies in this market. Don't just accept to become a user in any site that tries to lure you with cool adverts.

Investing and online trading is serious business and you need an honest and reliable platform to do so. The most reputed financial services include, Olymp Trade India, and IQ Option. You'll realize they all share a common factor where they're fully licensed and regulated by top financial boards like the International Finance Commission.

Only the best and most reliable are allowed to become members of the IFC. The fact that these companies have millions of users is a testament to their trustworthiness. Decide which one you want to use and then get started.

  1. Create a Free Demo Account

As a beginner, the wisest decision you can make is to create a demo account first before you start trading using real funds. This is especially important if you don't have any experience in online trading. Companies like Binomo give you a chance to create a demo account and you receive 10.000 in terms of virtual funds. With this money, you can test out the knowledge you learn about all the instruments available on that platform.

The more you practice, the better you become. Just jumping into trading blindly with no experience is setting yourself up for failure. Take your time and learn then practice before you get started with a real account. The profit you make on the demo account is not accessible through withdrawing since the money is only meant for training purposes.

  1. Use Free Online Resources

Check if the platform you register on has online resources you can use to learn more about online trading. Some even have full academies with a wealth of resources that you can use to learn as much as possible. With this reliable information, you can test out all that you learn on the demo account.

Beware of those companies that sell their information purporting it to be the best in the industry. Mostly they have nothing new to say and are just out to make some money. Go for the information offered for free on trading platforms as a beginner and let that guide you in this industry as you get started.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Patience is very important when it comes to online trading. You can't just jump in and start placing trades. You have to learn first then practice as much as you can before making big investments. After using the demo account, you can move to open a standard account. It usually has a very low minimum balance of $5-10 that you deposit into it. Trade starts from as low as $1. With this in mind, start slowly investing as little real money as possible. This helps you test the platform and your skills before you go big. Don't get caught up in the hype of 'go big or go home', take your time and start small.

  1. Know the Risk

Remember that with online trading, there is risk involved and it's higher when trading in binary options. Realize that you're predicting on an underlying asset and the outcome can either be a correct one or incorrect. This means the amount you invest can earn a profit or get lost completely without any return.

How to Choose a Binary Options Broker

Tips to choose

  • Read the 'About Us' Section

The most reliable trading platforms have given detailed information about them on the 'About Us' section. Here you learn when the company was founded, and whether it's licensed and regulated or not.

The best companies like IQ Option and Olymp Trade have information on the awards they've won on this section together with who regulates them. You learn if it's a member of the IFC (International Finance Commission) which means it offers honest and reliable services. This section will help you decide which platform to use.

  • Where Is it Located?

To look fancier and more trustworthy, some binary options brokers are choosing certain countries to set up virtual offices like the UK. This makes users believe this company operates in this country when this is not true. Find out whether the address provided by the platform is correct and where they operate from. This is another way to validate whether it's a reliable and honest platform or not.

  • Terms and Conditions

The information in the Terms and Conditions might be a lot but a serious investor takes time to read and understand this section. In case you don't understand a certain part, contact the customer support for clarification. This is important because some traders take advantage of the fact that most users don't read this section to add information that doesn't benefit the customer. Pay attention to this section to not be caught off guard by certain company policies later on.

  • Are they Licensed and Regulated?

You want a platform that answers to certain authorities and governing bodies. Platforms without proper licenses and regulations normally have something to hide in their practices. You should avoid these completely. Go for the one that displays its licenses for you to confirm their validity. Also, go for ones that are regulated by known bodies like the IFC.

  • Reliable Numbers

The top platforms with reliable and honest trading activities give numbers that you can clarify at any time. They show in detail how their trades perform, the number of users registered with them and those that are active. Also, you learn about the number of staff the company has and the countries it operates from. All this information is important as you choose a platform.

  • Customer Support

Does the platform you want to register on have reliable customer support? You need customer support that is available 24/7 ready to answer any questions or offer assistance. Choose a platform that has a reputable customer service to avoid getting frustrated when you need help.

There is normally a live chat section on the main website and emails that get a very fast response in top platforms like and IQ Option. Read reviews about this area for the platform you want to use in trading binary options.

Free Binary Options Learning Resources and Video Guides

Learning Resources

There is a lot of valuable information that can help you learn and become an expert in binary trading. As a beginner, it's best to start with the material provided in the platform you're registered on. There are normally tutorials and video guides that you can use to learn then apply all this information in the demo account.

Take time to visit Binary Academy - or free video trading tutorials from IQ Option - Another is Olymp Trade Education also provides some free materials - All top platforms have learning resources you can use to master the skills of binary trading before you start investing with real money. Remember to take advantage of the demo account to practice as much as you can.

How to Find Binary Options Strategies that Work

Binary trading relies heavily on you learning to do it the right way. There are so many strategies out there that act as the best in the market. But the truth is they usually have higher risk factors or don't work at all only wasting your time. This is why it's important to start by practicing on a demo account as a beginner. It's here where you'll learn what you can do and how best to do it. Come up with your strategy and don't waste time on some like the (60 seconds) 1 minute which has a very high-risk factor. It simply is not the best strategy, especially as a beginner.

Start by investing small amounts as you learn what your winning strategy is and apply it to binary trading. With a good strategy which you master from the start, you stand a chance of winning plenty of time in binary options. This even boosts your confidence and with the time you can start investing larger amounts. Creating a winning strategy involves having more correct predictions at the end than incorrect ones. You get more returns on your investment than losses.

Having a trading strategy is very beneficial to you as an investor. When you have a strategy in mind, you reduce all chances of making decisions that are irrational or emotional. You know you have to stick to your strategy no matter what. This can even save you from using money that you can't afford to lose. All the decisions you make have to follow parameters that were decided before when your mind was clear and not clouded by emotions.

Can you Make Money Using Binary Options Robots?

Make Money

Trading bots have become increasingly popular among traders who opt for online trading. They use these binary options robots to make predictions which they hope are correct and can get them a return on investment. As good and simplistic as these trading bots are, the risk factor remains high with them. The number one concern for these is can they be reliable? The truth is this depends on the platform you're using. The best and honest sites ensure their trading bots follow ethical conduct and can be trusted by users. However, there is always the chance that they can't be reliable.

  • Unscrupulous Manufacturer

Trading platforms are normally not the ones to create binary options robots. This task is left to manufacturers and this makes them even more risky to use. The main reason for this concern is some manufacturers take advantage and create robots that are out to harm users. This makes additional security concern for online traders and it's up to the platform that has the trading bot to reassure their members. This means they have to test out the trading bot and approve it before allowing users access to it. This is part of having honest and reliable services. It means the platform can't withhold valuable information on the reliability of trading bots from its customers.

  • Service Offered

As much as it can be simple to use a trading robot for binary options, it might not be as good as hyped. You need to once more do ample research and decide if it's better to use the robot or do it yourself. At the end of the day, reliable platforms are truthful about this information and this helps you make the right decision.


What is Binary Trading?

A binary option is simply an investment that you use to make a prediction which has to be a yes or no. It can't be in between.

⚖️ Are Binary Options Legit?

Yes, they are legit but legality depends on the country you reside in. They are heavily regulated in some countries and completely banned in others. Still, there are very many other countries that permit binary options trading and view it as another instrument of online trading like CFDs, Indices, and Forex.

🛡️ Is Binary Trading Trustworthy?

Yes, this is a trustworthy trading instrument that many people use across the world. The important point to note here is the fact that there is a higher risk involved. With this in mind, be wary of platforms that hide this fact and only sell you high-profit margins to get you to trade.

🎲 Is Binary Option Trading a Form of Gambling?

There are similarities between binary trading and online sports betting. This is in terms of making predictions and awaiting the outcome. In sports betting, you predict the outcome of a certain match and bet an amount. You can win the staked amount and profit if your choice was correct and lose it all if it wasn't. This is similar to binary trading where you stand to win the invested amount and profit if the prediction is right and lose it all if it's wrong.

🤔 Call or Put: How do I profit Using Binary Options?

Call or Put is referenced in terms of the price of the underlying assets that you place a trade on. With Call, it predicts the price decline of the assets while Put predicts its price increase. The only way you stand to make any profit is when the prediction for Put or Call for this asset doesn't go below the price of a strike when the time ends or day expires.

💰 How much Money Can I Make Trading Binary Options?

This all depends on how much you use to place a trade. When you get a correct prediction then you can win from 70-95% profit depending on the platform you're using. An example if your trade $100 and your prediction is right, then you end up with $170 to $195. You earn between $70 and $95 as profit. If your prediction is wrong, you lose the whole $100.

How to Succeed in Binary Options Trading?

Start by learning how it works. Use as many online resources as possible especially from the training sections of top platforms. Apply all this knowledge on the demo account and practice. Once you start trading with real money, start small and come up with a winning strategy that gets you more rights than wrongs.


Binary Trading is very interesting and straightforward which is why many online traders opt for it. This is even though it has a very high-risk factor compared to other instruments like Forex and CFDs. Take your time to learn how it works and practice trading before you jump in. it's best to use small amounts to come up with a winning strategy that can benefit you immensely in the future.

Risk Warning

We understand the Forex industry is huge and volatile for people who lack basic knowledge about online trading. If you are a beginner, you should make this site your companion (and please practice trading skills on free demo accounts, don't invest real money if you are beginner: remember, Forex trading, as long as trading binary options, crypto or CFDs, carries a risk of losing money due to leverage. About 77% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs). Read in other languages: RU, VI, PT-BR.