How to use Tradingview: Your #1 Guide

When you think of trading online, the image that comes into mind is going through so many charts as you try and analyze the assets you want to trade on. Well, Tradingview is specially created to come to your aid on that front.


What is Tradingview?

Tradingview is software that both beginners and advanced traders can take advantage of easily. You get to view charts that are cloud-based and use social networks as well. Also, you indulge in charting, do crucial research and analysis before you enter a trading platform to place your trades. This is software that has managed to have users create 20,391,396 charts, publish 3,956,084 ideas, and have 6,501,859 investors currently.

You can use Tradeview on a computer or on Android / iOS devices by downloading the App to them. It functions with ease and speed on a desktop giving you all the crucial information you need to make the right decisions. You can even take advantage of the community to source ideas for trading, strategies, and indicators that go a long way in assisting you to place the best trades possible. Once you decide to download the Tradeview software onto your computer, then you have to choose one of the four accounts to use. There is Free, Pro, Pro+, and Premium. You need to analyze the trades you make to choose the best account to register.

Tradeview has the Free account which doesn't have as many differences with the others that you have to pay for. You still get access to many of the functionalities of Tradeview as a Free account holder and it's the best to start with as a beginner. Mostly experienced traders go for the paid options due to the strategies they use. The Free account is still lacking in some ways that are worth noting. The data in them flows at a slower rate, you get fewer indicators with every chart and even fewer charts in every layout among others.

How Tradingview Works

How Tradingview Works

As a trader, to use Tradeview effectively you have to be very familiar with how it works. Don't just jump in and start using it, take time to learn how it's best applied in your trades. When starting off in forex trading, you need to understand the value you can derive from this software and which account to start with. You get to use this software to create charts and take advantage of many other features on it as well. All types of traders can use them.

You have to download it onto your computer after which you load it like any other browser. Upon loading the homepage, you get a website that is very well-designed and loads easily. It's organized and doesn't seem as confusing as other forex websites tend to be which can be very overwhelming. This user-friendly interface explains all the avid users who have registered accounts.

A large part of the homepage is dedicated to traders who have their ideas published. These ideas are a representation of their views on movements of prices now and in future for forex trading and other assets as well like cryptocurrencies among others. This is a gold mine for beginners because all these are ideas you can use to make good decisions in your own trades given by more experienced traders. You even get the option to follow traders who seem more knowledgeable and keep getting updates on their published ideas. It's very interactive that other members of the community are able to leave comments and 'like' the ideas.

The watchlist is a feature on this website that you have to use because it makes it an easy task to use Tradeview. On the Watchlist is a list of all the currency pairs you wanted to be included. You're permitted to modify it by adding more or removing. Here you can see all the current rates and the changes in value that have taken place on that day. Using the watchlist, you can launch a chart that is interactive using any of the symbols you're watching.

Using Tradeview to Succeed in Trading

You can't just jump in and start using Tradeview; you need to have a plan beforehand. Jumping in blindly always ends up in disaster and is not the right move to make with anything involving trades. Experienced traders already know the value of a good strategy that always keeps them alert on the best time to get in and when to get out. Once you have a strategy in mind, you can then head to the community section and see the ideas published there.

Remember to do ample research and don't just take traders for their word. This is the only way you'll succeed. Just because a trader has a large following doesn't make everything they say the truth and only truth. They can be wrong at times. Caution is key to everything you read. Make further research your right hand in this industry.

On Tradeview, there are great ideas published on a daily basis that are bound to help you achieve success in trading. The trick is knowing how to sift through the clutter and locate them. There is no formula that you can use to pinpoint these great publications and their authors. Even those with many followers have slip-ups where they publish false information. When you locate top authors then you have to follow them to see their initial chart.

Here to understand if they are the best, see the date the chart was opened and the current date it is. Be diligent and read through all their content leaving out nothing including what you might not yet understand. This gives you an insight into the terminology to expect on this site from traders. Whatever you don't understand or are curious about, write in the comment section. Remember your top job as a beginner is to learn as much as possible.

7 Step Guide to Creating a Free Tradeview Account (takes 1 min. only)

Creating a Free Tradeview Account

As a beginner, it's best to start using Tradeview with the free account before you subscribe to the paying ones. With this, you get a chance to learn and train as much as possible as you delve into trading. Remember you can only have one Free account on this website as per their Terms and Conditions.

  • On the homepage, navigate to the top right corner.
  • Click on 'JOIN FOR FREE' to get started.
  • Create a suitable username that is unique but one you can easily remember. You can only be permitted to change it one more time after registering an account.
  • Fill in your email and create a unique password. Don't share your password with anyone else.
  • Click to accept the Terms and Conditions of the company together with the privacy policy. It's advisable to take a few minutes to read the terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy policy. This helps you avoid issues later on while using the software.
  • Click to confirm that you're not a Robot.
  • Finish the Process by clicking on Sign Up.
  • Log into your email and activate the Free account using the link sent to you.

Free Account vs. Paid Account

Tradingview types of accounts

These two don't differ that much and this is what makes the Free account ideal for beginners. Still, there are differences between the two that are worth noting. The paid accounts are three in total.

You can choose:

  • Pro for $14.95/month,
  • Pro+ for $29.95/month or
  • Premium for $59.95/month.

When you decide to purchase one of the paid plans, there are some features that you can benefit from. To start with, you get an ad-free for all the plans except on the Free account. The ads are screened prior to being run and have to be relevant to the site. But you can still opt to switch them off on the social pages and charts.

Very Clear and Detailed Charts

Tradingview chart

Tradeview has some of the best charts of any other software in the market. You get very clear and detailed charts that are of the best quality and can fit on your desktop well. There are differences when it comes to charts for all the plans. For the Free plan, you get 1 chart per tab, Pro has 2 charts/tab, Pro+ has 4 charts/tab, and Premium 8 charts/tab.

You can log into your account using multiple devices but are limited depending on the plan. For Free, only 1 device is permitted, Pro 1 device, Pro+ 2 devices, and Premium 5 devices. You can save chart layouts on this software but the number depends on the plan you have as well. For Free is 1, Pro 5, Pro+ 10, and there is no limit to how many you can save on the Premium plan.

Is Premium Account Worth $59.95/month?

Only the Premium account gives you access to second-based intervals. When you need to use Line Break, Kagi, Intraday Renko, and Point & Figure charts then it's best to get the Pro+ and Premium plans. You can introduce range bars that are custom made to your charts but only on the paid plans. You're permitted to export the data on your charts for Pro+ and Premium accounts.

For all the plans, you get 12 types of charts that you can customize as per your preferences. You can use the over 50 smart tools for drawing to make your charts as well-designed as possible in all the accounts. Compare symbols in your charts for all the plans.

Get Access to 50 Tools for Drawing and More than 100 Indicators

Tools and indicators

In terms of indicators, this software gives you access to over 50 tools for drawing and more than 100 indicators. You can change the indicators that are here or create one afresh by using the Pine Script language which is proprietary in Tradeview. All accounts give you access to the 100+ indicators on this software without any limitation. Also, you can use more than 8000 indicators in the community section no matter the plan you have. This is good news for beginners using the Free account.

When it comes to indicator on indicator, there is a limit depending on the plan you're using. For Free account, only 1, Pro is 1, Pro+ 9, and Premium 24. The number of indicators you can use per chart has limits as well with Free getting 3, Pro 5, Pro+ 10, and Premium 25. There are templates that you can use to create your own indicators. With all the paid plans, you have no limit on the number you can get access to. Only the Free account gets you 1 custom template.

Market Alerts

You can program the software to give you alerts every time there is a shift in the market. You can opt to use the 12 alert conditions that you can program to your drawing tools and charts. The alerts are always available for they have good backup servers which makes them very reliable. The number of alerts you can get from the server on drawings, indicators and price are 1 for Free account, 10 for Pro, 30 for Pro+, and 400 for Premium. There is a limit to the duration each alert can be programmed to last. For Free, Pro, and Pro+ is 2 months while Premium has no limit in terms of duration.

Webhook Notifications

Webhook notifications are very significant but you don't get them if you're on the Free plan. Only the paid plans get these notifications. Another feature that's very relevant alerts that are second-based that you can only get on the Premium Plan.

With the Pine script language that Tradeview uses, you can create strategies and indicators from scratch. Follow this up with taking measurements of their performance by Backtesting the strategies and bar replay. All the plans can use Pine Script without any limitations and can Backtest the strategies as well.

Filtering Tools


There is a filtering tool called the Screener that you use to filter through all the clutter and locate certain assets. Access and use of this important tool depend on the plan you're on. To use the tool again by refreshing, only the paid plans give you access to this option. You can also export the data on your screen for all plans except the Free one.

For a trading platform, Tradeview has managed to create a platform that is very social as well as connecting many traders from across the world. You can interact with traders from over 100 countries in real-time while publishing ideas and reading those published by others. For all paid plans, you get a badge that is very exclusive positioned next to your name. You're only allowed on the Premium plan to have a signature and fields of the website.

Custom Charts to Suit the Information You Require

You can create custom charts to suit the information you require only on Pro+ and Premium plans. The Premium plan gives you the right to publish indicators that are invite-only. You can choose between publishing public and private ideas on all the plans and this includes ideas that are in video format too. The best thing about Tradeview is the simulated account with virtual funds that you can use to train and sharpen your trading skills. The simulated account allows all the plans to trade using different platforms available on the site. You can even trade using paper and charts.

Good software helps you get all the data you need to place the best trades while creating indicators and coming up with strategies. Only the paid plans have fast flow of data. On the Free account, the information tends to trickle in. You can but extra data in real-time for all the plans except the Free. The number of data points on each chart is limited as per the plan. For the Free plan, you get quarterly points of data numbering 8 and annuals ones are 7. For Pro it's 20 & 15, Pro+ is 20 & 15, and Premium is 20&15.

You're allowed to extend the time trading time for all the plans including Free. Only the paid plans get you twice the data on the charts and a data backup feed. The good thing is all the plans enable you to access the financials and all the relevant economic data from across the world. You even get real-time news relevant to the activities you're carrying out on the trade.

Tradeview Free Trading Ideas

Trading Ideas

When it comes to using Tradeview effectively, using the community to share and publish ideas is one way to do it. This is the best way to upgrade your skills by seeing what others are up to and implementing what's relevant. There are many ideas on this site that come in the form of analysis of the market, set-ups of trade that have been derived from market conditions that are solid, and predictions as well.

Use the Play button always to see how certain predictions that you had your eye on panned out. The most important aspect of predictions is they can have very relevant and educative material in them that helps you learn several things. This includes how different methods of trade work, how to analyze data and the various tools you can use. There is no limit to the ideas you can get on this social platform for all the assets traded online.

Tradeview Screeners

tradingview screeners

  • Free Forex Signals

With this screener, you can scan the whole market for relevant signals for the assets you want to place trades on. It contains a whole host of filters that get to work by a few keystrokes. This saves you very precious time that is normally wasted trying to scan the market using other means.

  • Free Cryptocurrency Signals

Use the screener to watch out and filter through all the data on Cryptocurrency getting you the right signal. You have to be sure it's the correct signal to place trade.

Tradeview Market Quotes

Tradeview Market Quotes

When it comes to the global market, there are several assets you can trade in. You get quotes for Indices, Futures like Energy, Metals, Agriculture, etc., Currencies like Major, Minor, and Exotic, Bonds from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, CFDs, and Stocks.

  • Currencies

Trading of currencies takes place in the Foreign Exchange also called Forex. This market has no headquarters and is decentralized to cover the whole world. It's the most liquid market with the largest volume in terms of trade. There is a continuous fluctuation of the rates of exchange which is driven by changes in demand and supply in the market.

  • Indices

The developed countries manage the main indices stocks. These indices include Nasdaq, Dow Jones, among others and are the largest in the world. The name given to the indices is determined by the number of companies in its constituents. A good example of this is the Nikkei 225 that represents a total of 225 companies.

  • Futures

A future quote is simply an agreement made between the seller and buyer to transact an asset at a set date and time in the future. The asset helps determine how long the contract between them will last. A good example is it takes 3 months for commodities to be traded.

  • Cryptocurrencies

On this page, you can view all the assets of crypto that are available with the number represented surpassing 200. All prices are shown in USD with all assets sorted through capitalization.

  • Bonds

This is a bond issued by the national government to symbolize a loan from the investor at an interest that is either variable or fixed. Through bonds, the government is able to get the money that can be used to boost the economy. This is done by issuing loans at a very low-interest rate.

  • CFDs

CFD stands for Contract of Difference which is a known derivative. It's between two parties and works as a private contract. They get to exchange the difference between the end of the contract value of an asset and the value at the start of the contract.

Technical Analysis

These are basic technical indicators that are used by the majority of traders to assist them in deciding on the trades to make. They also get to know when to enter and exit. You get to use over 100 inbuilt indicators on Tradeview. There are 5000 plus on the public library.


Tradeview is a very good tool to use in trading and many traders use it daily. There are a lot of free information and tools you can use to upgrade your trading skills. The paid accounts give you access to more features that are useful. You can create custom charts to suit the information you require, use the indicator on indicator, and even get relevant market alerts that aren't accessible on the Free account. Given that you enjoy trading, read through this review and create an account today. See all the relevant information you can find as you sharpen your trading skills. Tradeview review is also available in other languages: RU, VI.