Instaforex: Your Complete Review and Guide

Instatrade Corporation is the company that developed Instaforex back in 2007 that has since been serving its users in several ways. On it, you can trade on binary options, forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, etc. This company is well known by many in sports for its sponsorship and marketing strategies. The platform functions well and has speeds that are steady for every trader to enjoy their time on it.

Instaforex home page

There is a branch of the company known as Instaforex EU that is known to only cater to the trading needs of traders in the European market. It's fully licensed to operate and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). The license number for this is 266/15. It complies with the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) since it operates within the EU.

The platform has gone further to appease the EU requirements by being a contributor to the IFC (Investor Compensation Fund). This fund covers the traders in case the platform defaults. With this assurance, most users find this broker reliable.

Instaforex Facts and Figures

About Instaforex

To manage to have 7000000 investors as account holders on its platform means this is a trustworthy broker. The fact that it has undergone scrutiny and won awards or its exemplary services speaks volumes of its trustworthiness. That being said, this is a fully licensed and regulated platform. It's one of the forex traders that operate within the EU out of Cyprus. With this, it has to adhere to strict EU forex trading rules and regulations enforced by various regulators like CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

The company, Insta Trading Limited is fully licensed to operate by the FSC (Financial Services Commission). This is under the British Virgin Islands' SIBA (Securities and Investments Business Act). With this regulation, the company has to comply with the set common standards all across the world within the finance industry. With the transparency required for this, Insta Forex keeps all its operations above board and fair to its investors.

Types of Accounts

Instaforex account types

For this broker, you get several types of accounts to choose from that you can use to access international markets. These accounts have differences depending on commission and spread each need.

Demo Account

Like many other trading platforms, you get a demo account here through which you can test your trading skills. Use the professional Meta Trader 4 platform to open this account that is not charged. This means you should download the Meta Trader 4 after registering the demo account first and getting a username and password. With this, you get access to currency instruments that number to 107, US Stock CFDs 34 in total, trade in silver and gold, etc.

Insta.Standard Trading Account

This is an account that doesn't require any fees charged for it to function. Still, you get to enjoy all the trading terms that are standard to forex. You only get to pay a spread that is fixed as soon as you can access all the instruments for trading. Any trader can use this type of account.

All you need is to settle trade with no fees charged and a fixed spread. You can use any deposit amount that suits you with this account from anywhere in the world that the platform operates from. You can deposit any amount from as low as $1 to $10 for Micro Forex and Mini Forex is a minimum of $100. The amount for the standard forex is $1000.

ECN Trading Account

With this type of account, you get to trade without paying any commissions. However, you can't access the trading instruments for free. Pay a spread that floats an average of 1.2 pips with each deal you settle. Any trader can use this type of account and you pay no commissions. With this account, you can shift your leverage and increase the deposit at any time.

You get this account as Standard Forex with a minimum of $1000, Mini Forex of $100, and Micro Forex of $1 to $10. It's executed differently from other types of accounts by using the market execution. This is where deals are executed with the current price even when open and they shift.

Insta.Eurica Trading Account

With this account, you get to pay no spread to use it for trading. This is because most of the instruments you can access with it are type zero requiring no spread on them. With that, you get an ASK and BID price that equals each other. This is the best account for a beginner because you get to not consider the spread when using pending orders.

You can hang off the market using a simplified trades system which results in effective technical analysis. It shares the same characteristic of trading as the Insta.Standard type of account.

ECN Pro-Trading Account

On this account, you get the procedures that are standard to trading without any commissions charged. All you should do is pay a spread that's floating on average of 0.8 pips per deal. The best traders for this account are those with experience. The minimum deposit for this account is $1000 which can be steep for a beginner.

Mature traders who are well-versed with working with large sums are the best for this type of account. Still, that doesn't mean that other traders at lower levels can't open this account. It still functions in the same manner as the normal ECN type of account. It's executed by using the market execution.

Scalping Trading Account

The scalping account gets you trading that requires no commissions to be paid, floating spreads, and market-style of execution. With this account, it's best to open it if you enjoy using the scalping strategy where you set up deals that are short-term. You then close them when you get a small profit of some small pips. Deposit a minimum of $100 for this type of account.

MT Platform on Instaforex

Instaforex trading platforms

This broker provides the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 for its investors to download and use. You can choose which one best suits you're trading needs. Other terminals that you can use for are InstaBinary, Multiterminal, and Web Trader.

Meta Trader 4

With this platform, you get various important features:

  • Time Frames numbering 9 in total
  • Positions that are locked
  • 128 encoding bit for heightened security
  • Stop Trailing
  • Trading with one click
  • Trading that's automated
  • Financial market news
  • Technical analysis tools

Meta Trader 5

Its features include:

  • Time frames numbering 21
  • Pending orders date of expiry
  • Archive for automated quotes
  • Specifications of contract and the market depth
  • Technical tools that are advanced
  • Fill Policy
  • Inbuilt online store with already created scripts, indicators, and advisors for trading.


Features are:

  • Quotes that are 6-digits long
  • Simplified and easy to
  • use interface
  • Access through browser without needing to log into your cabinet where you install an MT4 plug
  • Best for binary options trading

Web Trader

Features to observe are:

  • Access to all instruments of trading
  • Order streams and charts for tick
  • Charts, dashboard, and classic interface layouts
  • Analytical tool on charts that are uncluttered and clear
  • Analytics and the latest financial market news
  • Can sync with the other trading platforms like MT4 and MT5

Trading Instruments

Instaforex trading instruments

Forex Trading

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange which is an international market where trading of currencies takes place. This market has no physical headquarters and only takes place online. The currencies can be regional like Euro (EUR) or national like the British Pound (GPB).

The top currencies in the world experience the bulk of trade on this market and are USD, GPB, EUR, JPY, etc. Trading takes place when a rate of exchange is determined by the forex for certain currency in the market. Currencies are always traded as a pair and never as a single currency. An example of this is GBP/USD with a rate of exchange of 1.2534.

When the market opens, traders exchange currencies by opening deals and exchange opposite currencies to close the deal. Profit is derived from the difference between the two currencies which can be significant with the right timing earning you much more. The best way to start learning how to trade in forex is to open a Demo account and practice without using any real money that you can lose. Here you trade without risking any investment until you gain confidence in your skills. Then you can move on to a standard account.

Trading takes place by using the Meta Trader 4 or 5 software which is preferred by many of the online traders from across the world. They're popular due to the fact that indicators, signals, strategies, and advisors used in forex trading prefer using this software.

CFDs on Commodities

Even though forex trading primarily deals with the exchange of currencies, there are other instruments you can use like CFDs. With this, you can diversify your portfolio while spreading out your risk with higher chances of turning a profit. CFDs stand for Contract of Difference which is the determined price between seller and buyer conducted by a third party who is the broker.

There are many assets involved in CFDs including Gold, Shares, Copper, Bonds, Silver, Crude oil, etc. As a trader, you're not buying the asset itself, but benefiting from the constant fluctuation experienced in the market. You buy an asset then later sell it for a higher price gaining profit for your investment without physically having owned it.

You can trade on CFDs either as a beginner or expert trader taking into stock the many advantages of this instrument. You need a minimal deposit to start trading in CFDs while taking advantage of the leverage available to trade larger volumes. They are traded online same to Forex trading and permits you to trade on quotes that are live. The good thing is you can trade 24/7 as there is no limit to when the market is open for trading. No limitation exists to how much trade you can conduct in a day.

CFDs on Indices

CFDs can be traded on indices as well which focuses on the stock market and no other commodities. Traders get to speculate the movement of price in the stock market like the Dow Jones or FTSE 100. These indices are popular and contain single shares ranked by institutions that are independent. Examples of such institutions are big banks and companies which specialize in a certain field.

The movement experienced in indices is normally as a result of certain major events like economic shifts, major political matters, etc. Benchmark indices are used to measure the health of a specific country or region which is dominant indices in the marketplace. The markets that experience most indices trade in the world are NASDAQ 100, CAC 40, NIKKEI 225, DAX, Dow Jones, among others.

Spot Metals

Precious metal such as gold as silver has been used for the longest time in trade and it' no wonder they keep growing in value. They're rarely affected even by changes in the economy which is why many traders choose them as additional parts of their investment portfolio. These metals are not susceptible to inflation and remain unbothered despite the rate it grows.

The beauty of them is they are accepted in all parts of the world without any limitations. This makes them a safe option for investment especially for a beginner in online trading. The two, gold and silver, are referred to as spot metals and traders use specified charts for them for trading purposes. Traders keep an eye on their prices to help see how the market is moving.

How to Open a Live Account with InstaForex

Instaforex registration

You should open a live trading account to start trading with the different instruments found on this platform.

  • Scroll down the Homepage and click on 'Open a Trading account' to get started
  • This directs you to the Open a Live Trading Account page
  • Fill in your full name on the provided field
  • Input your email and phone number
  • Select your country of residence
  • Click on the checking box to agree to the Terms and Conditions set by this company
  • Click on the next checking box to accept receiving a letter of instructions
  • Click on 'Open Account'
  • Head to your email and activate the account by clicking on the provided link.
  • You then proceed to deposit funds into this new trading account and start placing trades on the instruments available on this platform.

How to Make a Deposit

Instaforex deposit methods

Once you set up a live trading account, then you must deposit money into it to start placing trades. There are numerous methods provided by this broker for this purpose which makes it easier. On the page where you create the live trading account click on 'Make a deposit' which directs you to the payment page.

You should use one payment system to deposit which is what you shall use to withdraw in the same currency transacted. It's per the company policy for all deposits to be processed during business hours only so it's best to keep this in mind. There is a promotion where if you deposit more a large amount, you stand the chance to win $1000.

The methods you can use to fund your trading account are Bank Card, Bank Wire, Payco, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, WeChat, South East Asia Bank Transfers, Alipay, Ngangluong Bank, Ngangluong Wallet, Carta Bleue, CartaSi, Dankort,, EPS, iDeal, GiroPay, Maestro, POLi Payments, Nordea SOLO, PostePay, Bitcoin, Trustly, Sofort, Litecoin, among others.

Local bank Transfer is available in several countries. These include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and South Korea.

How to Withdraw Money

This broker has managed to prove its reliability by having fast payout rates that only take between 1-7 business hours to complete. One of the most important parts of withdrawing funds is selecting the method to use. Remember it has to be the same as the one for deposit and in the same currency as well.

You should fill out the withdrawal form as requested by the broker then have the company deducted the amount from your trading account. Adhere to the company policy where any transaction has to be processed during business hours. The same methods are applicable here as used to deposit funds into your trading account.

Difference of InstaForex from Other Forex Brokers

Why choose instaforex

To start, this broker has managed to reduce the time it takes to process your payout from start to finish. Granted you should request the money during business hours, but it only takes it 1-7 hours to complete. This makes the company different from others who take up to 24 hours or more to honor your withdrawal request.

This is an award-winning broker that has proven its reliability to its investors by being transparent in its operations. It's regulated and licensed to operate as a trading platform. Its services are exemplary and have managed to create educative materials to help beginners learn how to trade.


  • Award-winning broker for excellent services
  • Easy registration process
  • Access to numerous instruments
  • Fast payouts between 1-7 hours max.


  • Requires some trading skills to use effectively
  • Withdrawal only processed during business hours


Instaforex FAQ

⚖️ Is Instaforex regulated in South Africa, India, Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries?

Yes, this broker is regulated in all the regions and countries it operates from. This is why it's reliable due to its transparent operations while it adheres to the standards set by regulators.

How to open an Instaforex Demo Account?

Scroll down the homepage once you load the website and click on 'Open a demo account'. Fill in the requested details then get a username and password. Use that to log into your demo account and start trading.

🔐 How can you close an Instaforex account?

Instaforex doesn't permit deleting an account once you register as a user.

🎁 Does Instaforex provide investors with any bonuses?

You can benefit from bonuses provided on this platform. You get a 100% bonus on your first deposit on a new trading account and you can withdraw profits you get while using the bonus. You then get a bonus of 55% for every other deposit you make and can also withdraw profits you get when trading with the bonus.

There is a monthly promotion known as the Chancy deposit where you deposit $3000 into your trading account to qualify. You get $1000 for this.

⚙️ What instruments are can you access from this FX broker?

Forex, CFDs, Indices, Shares, Metals, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

📱 Does Instaforex have an app?

Yes, there is an official Instaforex app that you can download on your Android or iOS smart device.


Earn with Instaforex

This is a reliable platform that you can use to place trades on several instruments. Benefit from the bonuses you get when you open a trading account. Start by utilizing the demo account to learn and sharpen your trading skills before you set up a live account.

Risk Warning

We understand the Forex industry is huge and volatile for people who lack basic knowledge about online trading. If you are a beginner, you should make this site your companion (and please practice trading skills on free demo accounts, don't invest real money if you are beginner: remember, Forex trading, as long as trading binary options, crypto or CFDs, carries a risk of losing money due to leverage. About 77% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs). Read in other languages: RU.